Interested in becoming a Big but want the 4-1-1 on the process? Or have you already started your application and are curious about the next steps?

Step One: Get involved    

Step Two: Fill out the Volunteer Application

  • Our staff will reach out to you by phone or e-mail
  • You will receive an application and preliminary interview questions
  • After you return the application, it will be reviewed

Step Three: Interview

  • Once your application is approved, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with one of our Enrollment Specialists
    • TIP: Interviews generally take up to two hours

Step Four: Verifying your qualifications

  • After the interview, our staff performs reference checks, background check, and driving history

Step Five: Finding the Right Match

  • You're approved! 
  • Now your Match Support Specialist will begin searching for prospective Littles for you.
  • Many factors determine a good match and our Match Support Specialists do an excellent job of selecting Littles based on: 
    • Geography
    • Common interests
    • Other measures that are important to you, the Littles, and their parents/guardians.
  • Depending on the situation and needs of everyone involved, sometimes this can take a while.

Step Six: Meet Your Little

  • Once your Match Support Specialist finds a Little for you, they will set up a time to go over their profile. Take your time and ask questions. When you agree to the match, they will also need to get consent from the Little and their parental guardians too.
  • It’s time to meet your Little! This is the most exciting moment. Some people feel nervous, some overwhelmed, but not to worry – all these feelings are natural! Remember your Little probably feels the same way.
  • Your Match Support Specialist will make introductions, go over ground rules, and help “break the ice”

Step Seven: It’s a Match

  • Now you are your Little get to choose how to spend your time together
    • Remember – mentoring is based on the sharing of simple, everyday moments – you don’t have to invent elaborate or expensive outings
  • Simply focus on spending time with your Little on a regular basis and watch your friendship grow and change you both for the better.
  • Your Match Support Specialist will help you along the way and can give you ideas for activities

Step Eight: Have fun!

  • This program is flexible and allows you and your Little to grow your own unique friendship. 
  • Sharing a little of yourself with a child is one of the most rewarding things you can do.  
  • Be proud of yourself for making this commitment!  
  • Enjoy how good it feels to be Big!