Real Life IMPACT

Every day, Big Brothers and Big Sisters throughout the Central Kentucky area are inspirations to their Littles, changing their lives in a dramatic, positive way through continual guidance, encouragement and friendship. Whether a Big is brand new to the program, or represents one of our longtime partners, it is our joy to highlight their contributions to Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass.

Abigail and Olivia have been matched for two years in the Montgomery County High School Bigs Program. The girls enjoy playing games and spending time together each week. Some of their favorite games are; Let’s Go Fishing, Candy Land, and Jenga. Abigail says her favorite thing about Olivia is how compassionate and hardworking she is and Olivia’s favorite thing about Abigail is that she is trustworthy and willing to help her anytime she is in need. While being matched both Abigail and Olivia have learned that no matter what they will be there for each other when they need help. Both girls are looking forward to the remainder of the school year.